(Bertrand Russell)“War does not determine who is right – only who is left”. If  people had power to eliminate one major problem in the world it would be war. Many people lose their lives due to war. Wars destroy the lives of children, education,and cultures. Wars are a serious problem that need to be brought to an end.

 War destroys the lives of children.Children are very precious to every nation.They are the future leaders of the world. First, war affects children mentally. For example, when a child is worried about war their not able to focus on education or college. Second,it affects them physically. Children get hurt, there’s no food for them to eat and place for them to sleep. Lastly,not only do children have a place to sleep, they also get emotionally distressed. Children get stressed because of the war and worry about their safety,family and depression. Another part of their lives that is affected is their education.

War affects education in many ways. For example, wars have led to teachers losing their jobs.  Because school had been bombed, teachers lost the building they were teaching in, and many of the children died. In addition,teachers are losing their training and skills. The reason they are forgetting everything is because they are focused more on surviving than training. They need to find food and a place to live more than they need to practice teaching.Eliminating war would help both teachers and children to live better lives.However,war doesn’t only affect children and education, it also affects cultures.

Wars affects cultures in differents ways. In wars, people start to forget their own cultures, language and  follow others because once their in war they start to get  separated or escape away from their land.One ways that culture can be affected is  by war, For example, people start to dress differently than they use to and if they didn’t listen to music before, they are listening to music now.   Another effect of war is that people lose their language. In addition, they also lose historical artifacts due to destruction. For example, they lose books and artifacts in the museum. The books that talk about their own religion and culture are a tragic loss.

war negatively affects children, education and cultures . These are some reasons why I would eliminate war. Often times in war, we fight for so long that we lose track of what we are fighting over; it is so sad that innocent people are suffering because of the results of war.

By yasmine1221

2 comments on “war.

  1. We all know that war is wrong and as Muslim we believe in Peace . we all want to eliminate war but that is not easy . to eliminate war one has to eliminate the factors causing the war . the people who are conspiring and those who benefit from war .
    InshAllah the right Khalifah will come and promised peace will be upon all the world . but before that there will be a final war between right and wrong . A war for justice .
    May we all be ready for what’s coming next.

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