Om Muhammed (SAW)

peace be upon him i love it

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Ur boken Muhammad – The messenger of Allah skriven av Abdhurrahman AL-Sheha


The prophet would walk briskly with a forwardleaning gait, moving with strenght of purpouse and lifting each foot clearly off the ground. His pace was such that fit men would tire trying to keep up. When he turned, he would turn his whole body, giving full attention to the one addressing him and showing complete concern to what was being said. When he pointed, he would use an open hand so as not to offend. Likewise, when he criticized a person’s behavior, rather than  name the indvidual, he would simply say: “Why do people do so and so?”
He would laugh only to the extent that the gap between his front teeth would become visible. He would become angry only to the extent that his face would turn red and the vein between his fine, bow-shaped eyebrows…

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