(Laurel K. Hamilton) “I always treated writing as a profession, never as a hobby. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.” . Having hobbies helps a person have something enjoyable in his or her life. There are three main hobbies that I enjoy and do well in such as reading the Quran,reading fictions novels, and working on math problems. These are things I enjoy, and they also help improve your life.

  Reading the Quran helps me with many things.To start with, the Quran helps me with the relationship with parents. In  the Quran its says that as long as both of our parents live, we should be honored them (high respect) and we should never talk back at them, nor we shout at them. That’s why every time my mother tells me to do something, I just do it without talking back at her. In addition, the Quran doesn’t only teach me the relationship of parents, it also teaches me forgiveness.One of best ideas that the Quran sites is the act of forgiveness. Muslims around the world make mistakes, and ourselves are taught to forgive.  For example, there are things that sit on your shoulders. Writing down all the things that I do whether they’re good deeds or bad deeds. whenever I make mistakes  I myself ask Allah for forgiveness because allah (S.W.T) is the most forgiving. Further, the Quran has passages that sometimes make me cry. I cry because these passages are at a level I have not yet reached, and it make me emotional. I read the Quran with my mouth, but I understand with my  heart. Reading the Quran is best hobby  I enjoy most however math problem is another thing that I also enjoy.

The purpose I do math is to graph and solve equations and words problems.To start with, I use graphing in many different ways.In my environment class I used the graphing data and  when I  am comparing the endangered species. Not only do I use graphing for comparing two things I also use it  for math to graph a linear equation( which is an equation of solution that’s a straight line). Also, I enjoy solving equation.  In math, solving equations is something I enjoy doing because it’s all about putting a value or number into the equation and finding the solution like (mx+b).In addition,the word problems are sometimes difficult to complete. It  take quite a while for myself  to solve because it takes a long time to read the problem entirely, get a feel for the whole problem, and list information of the variables I identify. It also takes time to put the equation where it should be and solve for another problem. However, not only do I love solving equations, I also love  reading.

Reading fiction novels is one of your favorite thing I enjoy.To begin with,reading romantic book is fun activity thing I love to do. One of the activity that I love to do it that reading about romantic, I read these books only when I am bored or sometime. I also read them for fun because you might learn about some few basic things.Sometimes,when I read I get lost in a different world.I get lost in some of the scene and different places where fictional characters live.I can pretend that I am in the book and can relate so one of the main characters that I read about.Next, I can image the setting of the story. when I’m reading I enjoy what’s happening in the book, and I can see the characters and places of where the story takes place.

In conclusion,Having hobbies helps me have something enjoyable in life, like reading novels, solving math problems, and reading the Quran. In the spring times its fun hobbies for me to enjoy whenever I’m not doing anything however They are helpful and comfortable, and its much better than wasting your time and not doing anything.

By yasmine1221

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