Ali’s story…………………

tumblr_m83ly37Lxj1rcj2r8o1_500Once upon time their was a guy named Ali  he  is 24 years old with  beautiful

blue eyes  and black hair with 3 inches length. However Ali has one ear pierced

on his left ear. And he is height is about 5/7 and weight about 330 pounds.

Ali  is an educated person  that goes to college, Ali is studying to become a

doctor and so that he earns  money for his family, which are the two parents

Sarah and Mohammad. He wants to ear some money for them because their

were  two old to work  and also he told them that he wanted them to relax and not

do anything but  stay home. Even though Ali lives with his parent, Ali also has a

sibling which are Ahmed, raaxamo, and may-moon. Ali’s sibling  are also an

educated student that goes tohigh schools,  Anyways whenever Ali  goes outside with

his friends, he usually loves to wear suite with tie cause he the type guy he is. Before Ali left the house his hooyo(mom)

asked him to buy some grocery,  when Ali was done hanging with his friends he went  to grab some grocery for

his hooyo( mom) before he went home. Cause if  he comes home without any grocery on his hands he would be busted

When he was finished with his’ grocery he went in his car and ahead to home. Ali knocked on the door so that anyone in

his family could open it, as soon as he enter he came in with empty-handed  his hooyo(mom) starts yelling at him

“where is the grocerythat ask you for it  boy”, hooyo(mom) the grocery are in the car just let me get it for you. You

know  hooyo(mom) you should ask before you starts yelling at me you know. Sorry Ali  I though you forgot all

about it, sorry about that Hun. On Monday morning Ali went to college to take his classes, but every times

Ali goes in the classroom there are these group of students  that always picking on this intelligible kid

which is Ahmed, Ahmed always gets belled because of his smartness, that his know more science than any

of student in the class even Ali. So when school was over Ahmed was the first person to get out classroom

so Ali wonder why was Ahmed in rush, why was he they first person to leave the classroom, while Ali was

wondering all the sudden he sees the group of student that followed Ahmed so Ali went after them. Ali

though they planed to do something that was extremely endangers, instead Ali experienced that they were

trying to bully Ahmed in somewhere where nobody could see them, good thing that Ali followed them so

they  all meet each other somewhere where anybody could see them Ali  beat them one by one and teaches

them a lesson that pick on someone your  next time. when the fight was over Ahmed asked “why id you saved me you

should have let them do what ever they were planing to do with me”, at that part Ali  tells him your wrong about what

you said a seconds ago boy, so don’t lets them get to you.  After that Ahmed and Ali became friend that Ali asked

if Ahmed could come over to his house and have some shaax (tea) together. After the two became close

friends they starts to hang out  a lot after they  finish their classes, some time go eat, and more things.


By yasmine1221

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