Mohammed Assaf nails it

mashallah you have a beautiful voice my brother

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

This has already been called his victory performance.

Mohammed Assaf, a talented Palestinian singer, is largely considered the front-runner in this season’s Arab Idol singing competition. His rise in popularity can be accredited to his skill, his confident stage presence, and his personal background. Hailing from Gaza’s Khan Younis refugee camp, Assaf is considered by many Palestinians to be a national hero and a treasure with which the world fell in love. Support for Assaf comes from every part of the world, including from within Israel.

Assaf’s rise to success had a shaky start. It took the singer two days to travel from the Gaza Strip to Cairo where auditions were being held. By the time he arrived, the gates were closed shut. With encouragement from his mother, Assaf scaled the wall and managed to sneak his way into the audition center. Here he faced yet another problem: he couldn’t…

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